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Toll (long distance)

Domestic long distance rates are 7 cents per minute. These do not apply to local calling areas.

International long distance rates vary by country, and sometimes by region.

Monthly Labor Rates and Service Fees
  • technician labor is billed at $40/hour
  • rush technician labor is billed at $60/hour
  • wired network activation - $170.00 (technician labor included)
  • WiFi access point activation - $1,200.00 (this fee is currently being waived)
  • PBX programming fee (may apply for phone service adds and changes - $10.00
  • service fee - $20.00
Temporary Service Charges

Example Monthly Costs for a Standard Workstation

Phone service$23.50$23.50$15.00
Equipment rental$1.00$7.80$4.80
Ethernet service$13.60$13.60$13.60

* ethernet service required
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