UNH Telecom News

Voicemail retiring!

On June 30th 2015 the old Avaya voice mail system will be retired. The new system for voice messages is Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging (UM)and a UNH Exchange account is required. If you don't already have an UNH Exchange account get one now by going to the UNH accounts page https://itsupport.unh.edu/accounts/ and avoid any lapse in voice mail service.

External Conference Services

Please be advised; UNH Telecommunications has occasionally noticed external conference services hanging on to calls (not disconnecting). This can result in unexpected long distance charges for the end user (you). If using a conference service, please make sure your call has been properly disconnected.

Voicemail migration moving forward!

183 users were migrated from the old Avaya voicemail platform to Microsoft Unified Messaging this morning. For updates on the migration schedule visit our UM rollout page.

Telecom has been busy

Over the past several weeks Telecom has installed nearly 300 new wireless access points providing wall-to-wall coverage in 8 buildings. The lasted addition to the list was Kingsbury Hall with 106 new access points.

James Hall WiFi is complete

James Hall is the first of 31 Academic buildings to receive ubiquitous wireless under the UNH Academic Wireless Project. Thirty buildings and 1100 access points to go!

Academic Wireless project

In preparation for the Academic Wireless Project, Telecomís contractor will be working in Taylor Hall and the Service Buildings installing network cabling and wireless access points towards the middle or end of next week (week starting April 28th). This work is not expected to disrupt building occupants or classes but if you experience any problems please call me at 862-4222. Thank you for your patience during this project. Dan Corbeil

Voice Mail Pilot

Phase III of our voice mail pilot is ready to begin. This will bring the total count of users on Microsoft Unified Messaging (UM) to just over one hundred. We expect to make a decision on the the future of voice mail within the next few weeks.

Academic Wireless Project

The wireless installation for James and DeMeritt Halls will begin this week and continue into next.

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