UNH Telecom News

Telecom Summer Projects

UNH Telecom and Network Services are staying busy this summer upgrading systems and installing infrastructure. Projects include firewall and router upgrades, wireless enhancements, VoIP phone deployments, E911 improvements, Ham Smith/Goss/Chase cabling installations and the Pinnacle application upgrade just to name a few. All of these projects are intended to improve the user experience of Telecom systems. We thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience these projects may cause.

Coming Soon!

Morse Hall will be added to the UNH wireless network on April 18th. Work is currently underway to install 83 new wireless access points, this work will allow users to connect seamlessly to the campus wireless network while in Morse Hall.

Wireless upgrade complete

The wireless upgrade in academic and administrative buildings is now complete. UNH’s wireless network consist of 3700 Aruba wireless access points and during peak times over 17000 connected devices. Telecom and Network Services continue to look for ways to improve the UNH wireless experience so if you have experienced connectivity issues please contact the UNH Service Desk at 862-4242.

WiFi Phase II Well Underway

The UNH wireless upgrade is approximately 80% complete. Over 3200 802.11ac wireless access points have been deployed with another 600 scheduled to be deployed before commencement. The project is scheduled to be complete by mid-summer at which point UNH will be one of the largest and most current wireless deployments in New Hampshire with over 4000 wireless access points.

WiFi Rollout Phase II Underway

The second phase of the WiFi upgrade is underway and the new access points are being installed in the academic and administrative buildings. Work will continue over the next several months as we roll across the campus.

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